Luxury holidays in Torres del Paine

The untamed wilderness of Torres del Paine National Park is about as remote as it gets. You’ll soon see why this wind-whipped terrain of mountain-mirroring lakes, monumental glaciers and jagged peaks entranced Magellan, Drake and Darwin. Whether you dream of making a multi-day trek, exploring on horseback like a galloping gaucho or just want to view the vistas from the comfort of a toasty eco-lodge, there’s something for everyone in this hulking land of expedition and adventure.

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When to go

There are no guarantees with weather this changeable but, typically, peak season runs from October to March, with September and April providing quieter shoulder seasons.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Fly direct to Santiago – non-stop flights operate from major European hubs, Mexico City, Bogotá, and select US destinations, including New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Miami. Then, catch a flight to Punta Arenas (frequent) or Puerto Natales (less frequent, but it’s closer), the nearest towns to the national park.
  • Automobiles

    To disconnect from civilisation, you’ve got to go far – distances in this part of the world are vast and you’ll need a four-wheel drive. Brace yourself for bumpy terrain.