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Not surprising for a continent that stretches from the Arctic to Polynesia, there’s an awful lot to love in North America. Out of a photogenic family, Canada is perhaps the prettiest, due to a winning combination of Arctic glaciers, lake-lapped mountains and bear-populated forests. With A-list cities from East Coast to West and iconic routes stringing them together, your USA road-trip is practically plotting itself. And down in Mexico, bells-and-whistles beach resorts, Mayan treasures and mezcal-fuelled fiestas rock the cradle of civilisation.

Destinations in North America

  • It might be associated with a certain triangle-shaped conspiracy theory, but Bermuda has no need of such hijinks to get heads turning – the charming architecture, vibrant Gombey culture and cocktail-drenched sunsets do more than enough already.
  • Vast and varied, Canada has something for every type of traveller – charming, French-style cities, soaring evergreen forests and remote, rugged coastlines.
  • In Mexico, there’s an adventure for every explorer: get lost in the metropolis of Mexico City, wander the wonders of Chichen Itza or take a deep dive into Cozumel’s superb scuba scene.
  • Whether you’re looking for snow-covered peaks and sprawling national parks, frenetic big cities or historic cobblestoned towns, dramatic coastline or red sand deserts, the United States has a holiday for you.

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