Luxury holidays in Guatemala

With only a tiny portion of the land given over to its towns and cities, Guatemala is a full of rugged mountains, volcanoes and vast forests. Meander by boat down the canyons of the Río Dulce and visit imminently Instagrammable swimming hole Semuc Champey. Active types can visit volcano-ringed Lago de Atitlán for hiking, paragliding and scuba diving, and architecture buffs will get a kick out of Guatemala City’s stately central cathedral, picturesque coastal town squares and the grand buildings of coffee-boom towns. And if you’d rather just relax? Guatemala’s game for that too.

Destinations in Guatemala

  • Guatemala’s colourful colonial city hits the mark by merging past and present, with its Baroque buildings, technicolour textiles and looming volcanoes, Antigua beguiles all who pass through.
  • Guatemala is a naturalist’s daydream, where virgin rainforest gives way to volcanic uplands, and kaleidoscopically feathered birds share tree-space with chattering monkeys.

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