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A land of fairytale-inspiring forests, turreted castles and increasingly cool cities, Germany is so much more than beer and sausages – though you'll find both just about everywhere you go. We’ve got boutique hotels in stereotype-defying Berlin, famous for its wild nightlife and cutting-edge architecture; in artistic Hamburg, home to winding canals and a mile-long stretch of galleries and museums; and genteel Dusseldorf, once once dubbed ‘a little Paris’ by Napoleon Bonaparte. Fill up a Stein or two of the local brew, or sample world-class German Riesling. Prost!

Destinations in Germany

  • Flying in the face of stuffy German stereotypes, famously liberal and fun-loving Berlin has long been a magnet for pleasure-seekers.
  • Still a backdrop for sailors and spice traders, Hamburg has an extrovert energy fuelling its arty, ever-evolving nightlife.

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Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez

As you might expect from a chef who trained under Ferran Adrià, Paco Pérez creates dishes that could pass as artworks, colourful culinary portraits painted in foams, jus and powders. But these are not just hollow theatrics – Pérez has a gift for combining flavours that has bagged him a quintet of Michelin stars over the years. Miramar, the seafood-slanted restaurant he set up with his wife in his hometown of Llançà, near Girona, has become a site of gastronomic pilgrimage (sea cucumbers are a speciality). Peréz has not confined himself to Spain, however. When he opened Cinco at the Das Stue in Berlin in 2013, expectations ran high. Within a year, its technically accomplished, Iberian-inflected, 25-course tasting menu had added another Michelin star to his CV.

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