Luxury holidays in Copenhagen

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When to go

The weather tends to be overcast in January and February, although that could be a good thing if you want to miss the crowds and cuddle up in front of the hotel fire. Summer allows you to take part in Copenhagen’s beach culture but spring and autumn are also enjoyable times of year when days are mild and uncrowded. The Tivoli Gardens are open from April to September and before Halloween and Christmas.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Copenhagen Kastrup Airport is seven miles from the city centre. It takes 20 minutes by train to Copenhagen Central Station with services every 10—20 minutes | costing DKK 26. If you need your hotel arrival to be seamless | a taxi fare to centre of town is usually DKK 220.
  • Trains

    The main train station is right next to the Tivoli Gardens. To get beyond the city, consult Danish State Railways at
  • Automobiles

    Driving in Denmark is complicated | the rules are hard to follow and the signs often indecipherable. The bikes | buses and trains make it easy to travel so no need to make it hard on yourself.
  • Taxis

    Nothing comes that cheap in Copenhagen but taxis are particularly pricey and given the compact size of the centre, a stroll to the next destination is the best way to see the city and discover another street of infinite grooviness. You can hail a cab if the yellow ’Taxa’ light is illuminated. Or call 70 25 25 25.