Luxury holidays in Chengdu

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When to go

Arrive from May to June for clement weather and the best chance for panda-cub cuddling. The rainy season runs from July to August.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Fly in to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, where direct flights arrive from major cities within China and throughout Asia and Europe. Flights from the US stopover in Hong Kong.
  • Trains

    Chengdu North Station is the liveliest rail hub. High-speed trains arrive direct from Beijing West (a 14-hour journey), Guangzhou (13 hours), Shanghai Hongqiao (14 hours) and Xi’an South (13 hours). The city is easily navigable by using the Metro, which has three lines.
  • Automobiles

    International Driving Permits can’t be used in mainland China, so the only option for hiring your own car is to take a driving test to acquire a local licence; so, riding the Metro and walking are the easiest options for getting around. If you wish to explore further afield, ask your hotel to arrange an excursion, or hire a local driver.