Discover boutique hotels in Zion National Park, United States

Famous for its towering cliffs of rust-red sandstone, Zion National Park looks like it’s stepped straight from a scene in a Western. The park covers a swathe of mountainous terrain that borders the Colorado Plateau, Great Basin and Mojave Desert, and most would agree that it got the best of all three. The mesas, canyons and rock arches of the plateau meet the scrubby greens of the basin and the rich, rusty colours of the desert, creating scenery so beautiful it could strike you stock still. Most visitors come for the trails, particularly those in vast Zion Canyon, the result of the Virgin River carving its way through thousands of feet of layered sandstone. Others come to live out their Western fantasies on horseback tours and wild-swimming adventures, or simply spend a few nights under the starry Mojave sky.

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When to go

April to May and September to October are usually warm but not too hot, making it an excellent time to visit – particularly if you’re one for the active life. If you visit in summer, you’ll probably need to seek shade when the desert sun is at its peak.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Unless you’re already in the US, you’ll probably fly into either Las Vegas or Salt Lake City; Vegas is a two-and-a-half hour drive from the park, Salt Lake City around four. At Salt Lake City, you can also hop onto connecting flights to St. George (40 miles from the park) or Cedar City (60 miles away).
  • Automobiles

    Your own set of wheels will come in handy, as you’re out in the wilderness here. The Smith24 team can arrange a hire car at any of the four airports.