Luxury holidays in Punta del Este

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Areas in Punta del Este

When to go

Come here in March or April for warm water and less crowds; peak season (mid-December until mid-January) is lively to say the least.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Fly into Carrasco International Airport at Montevideo | and drive or take a bus to Punta del Este. Alternatively | land in Buenos Aires and hop on an hour-long connecting flight to Punta del Este – fly with Pluna | a stylish new airline (
  • Boats

    You can take the high-speed ferry to Colonia or Montevideo and pick up your hired car from there (
  • Automobiles

    It’s definitely worth having a car so that you can traverse wide swathes of land and seek out your favourite pocket of the coast. The capital | Montevideo | is a two-hour drive away.
  • Taxis

    Taxis are expensive; hiring a car or scooter is a more economical way to get around. If you do need a lift, try Conrad (+598 (0)42 490 302), Parada La Barra (+598 (0)42 771 122) or ask your hotel to call a local firm for you.