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Areas in the Catskills

When to go

Autumn is the perfect time to visit; September brings a dramatic fiery hue to the woodland-covered hills, along with warm days and cool, peaceful nights. Temperatures can drop well below freezing in winter, and summer is usually balmy and humid.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Albany Airport is just under a two-hour drive from the Catskills, and the journey from Stewart Airport is around 90 minutes. United Airlines fly direct from New York City’s Newark Airport to Albany Airport in just over an hour; domestic flights from Philadelphia, Detroit, and other major US cities fly to Stewart Airport.
  • Trains

    Amtrak ( run a service from Penn Station in New York City to the Catskills; regular services also run from Niagara Falls, Montreal and Burlington.
  • Automobiles

    The Catskills are easily reached by car, with a number of interstate highways leading directly to the area. Once close, be prepared for multiple stops along the way; the dramatic alpine views make for snap-happy gawping.