Luxury holidays in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a healthy helping of American history at its heart; it’s the state settled by Quakers, famously home to Benjamin Franklin and the Declaration of Independence, and the spot of the Civil War’s turning-point battle. Today, you can hike through the state’s parks, careen down its ski slopes and gorge on Hershey chocolate at the original factory. The nation’s original capital, Philadelphia is laid out on a grid later mimicked by other American metropolises; wander a few blocks from downtown to stroll along cobblestoned streets lined with colonial houses, catch a breath of fresh air in Fairmount Park or head to Fishtown to visit on-trend eateries and bars. Once fought over by the French and British, Pittsburgh later earned its steel-industry stripes; today, much of its one-time industrial land has made way for green spaces along the waterfront.

Destinations in Pennsylvania