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The much-more-sizzling sibling of its northerly neighbour, South America is the ultimate destination for jet-setters of all inclinations. The wild at heart test their mettle in a landscape full of superlatives: how’s the largest rainforest, longest mountain range or driest desert for a challenge? Elsewhere, budding Indiana Joneses pack their satchels for the Incan wonders, urban explorers haunt kaleidoscopic cities, and beach-hoppers bask on the palm-fringed Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Ready for take-off? Start your South American adventure here.

Destinations in South America

  • Culturally, Argentina borrows from the attitude of the French, the passion of the Spanish and the style of the Italians. Add in a dramatic landscape, tango, asado and punchy malbecs, and you’ve got quite an adventure on your hands.
  • From wild rainforest stays hidden in the Amazon to cocktail-fuelled luxury hotels near Copacabana Beach, Mr & Mrs Smith's round up of the best boutique hotels in Brazil is as diverse as the colourful South American country itself.
  • No wonder Chile produced some of the 20th century’s most prized poets. They had as their muses the sparse beauty of the Atacama, the Colchagua Valley's gentle vineyards, the active volcanoes of Zona Sur, the Patagonian ice fields…
  • With soaring mountains, terracotta-coloured deserts and lush rainforests that hide the remnants of ancient civilisations, Colombia has some of the most enthralling landscapes in all of South America.
  • Go wild: the best boutique and luxury hotels in Ecuador are a dream for discerning adventurers. From the mainland out to the Galápagos, we've tracked down the most stylish places to stay.
  • Looking for a real adventure? Peru’s the perfect place, with rainforests, mountains and ancient cities waiting to be explored, from your base at one of our favourite boutique hotels.
  • Although it’s one of South America’s smallest countries, Uruguay entices plenty of travellers with its laid-back lifestyle… and we know some first-class places to stay.

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