Luxury holidays in Albuquerque

When to go

Though Albuquerque is warm and mild most of the year, October is the perfect time for temperatures and the beautiful festival of hot-air balloons. Avoid the city in August, when brief, but intense rain storms roll through.

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Getting there

  • Planes

    Albuquerque International Airport is in the southern corner of town, and offers flights to Chicago (, Baltimore (, Los Angeles ( and other major US airports. There are not currently direct international flights, so the easiest route is to fly through Houston (
  • Trains

    Amtrak’s Southwest Chief line, which cuts through the American West, makes a stop in Albuquerque. The historic line travels from Albuquerque on to Kansas City, then Chicago.
  • Automobiles

    Driving in New Mexico is fairly easy, and the best way to see the desert landscape. Since the city is so large, there is usually ample parking. There are several rental kiosks at the airport, and a few in town.