Luxury holidays in Nepal

Adventure gear at the ready. Nepal, home to top-notch trekking, the majestic Mount Everest and other perpendicular peaks, is the bucket-list country for hardcore adrenalin junkies. But if you’re not au fait with the altitude (or you don’t look so good in Gore-Tex), you can still flit about in the foothills, stroll past stupas in Kathmandu or search for Bengal tigers on a soulful safari in Terai.

Destinations in Nepal

  • Adventure gear at the ready – Bardiya National Park in Nepal’s southern Terai is a jungle runner’s playground.
  • Learn the law of the jungle in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park.
  • You’ll need to muster up some adrenaline before visiting Mustang, a formerly closed-to-visitors Buddhist kingdom contoured by towering Nepali mountains, rugged ridgelines and deep-cut valleys.
  • Sitting pretty in a Himalaya-hugged Nepalese valley, lakeside Pokhara’s polished surfaces hold a mirror to its lofty, snow-capped neighbours.

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