Luxury holidays in Tepoztlán

Tepoztlán has a pueblo mágico designation for its breathtaking mountain scenery, 6,000-feet-above-sea-level temple El Tepozteco (dedicated to the god of locally loved drink pulque) and its legendary status as the birthplace of top Aztec god Quetzlcoatl. But many believe there’s true magic in the air, as the town attracts practitioners of alternative – some very alternative – therapies, healers and mystics. Chakra aligning, tarot readings and aura photography are all on deck, but skeptics can hike up to the temple (and feed the coatimundis while you’re up there), visit local museums the healing powers of mushrooms and ancient Aztec history, or pick up a ‘snow’ cone with tropical-fruit flavourings from beloved parlour Tepoznieves. And be sure to stop into one of the friendly local bars to raise a glass of pulque to god of the fermented-agave drink Tepoztecatl; he reigns on high here, so it’s only polite.

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When to go

Tepoztlán is best visited in spring, when the humidity levels and heat reach Goldilocks levels of pleasantness. And, if you arrive four days before Ash Wednesday, you’ll be caught up in the chaos and colour of the Carnaval.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport is the closest; Tepoztlán feels far removed from the capital’s gritty melee, but it’s actually just a 90-minute drive away, easy for a weekend break.
  • Automobiles

    Driving out of Mexico City may be a bit hair-raising, but a car will come in handy for reaching rural areas and avoiding occasionally ricketty buses. Hire some wheels at the airport.