Luxury holidays in Oaxaca

The state of Oaxaca squeezes a lot into its bottleneck borders. Perched on Mexico’s southern curve, its bountiful beaches have long been a draw for surfers and sun-seekers alike. In the youthful resort of Puerto Escondido – otherwise known as the Mexican Pipeline – waves come in all shapes and sizes; while the pros do their thing on the bustling Zicatela beach, nearby playa Carrizalillo offers more beginner-friendly breaks. Sink into slower rhythms at the bohemian Pueblo Magico, Mazunte, where you’ll find unbeatable sunsets, dolphin-watching and a whole load of yoga (not to mention a hefty quota of dreadlocks). Inland, pre-Hispanic cultures have left their mark on Oaxaca in fascinating ways; ponder the mysterious pyramid structures of Monte Albán or the intricate mosaic work of Milta, where ancient rites and rituals were carried out by the Zapotecs over a thousand years ago. Oaxaca’s rich terrain has its fair share of natural wonders too, from the hot springs of Hierve el Agua to the bioluminescent phenomenon of Manialtepec Lagoon. But the headline act has to be its gastronomic endeavours. Named the food capital of Mexico, the state’s eponymous capital city is a melting pot of Mesoamerican culinary traditions. Try the Tlayuda, Oaxaca’s answer to pizza, a crispy tortilla slathered in mole sauce, black beans, asiento and stringy, melted cheese, and wash it down with an artisan mezcal (another one of Oaxaca’s creations) from one of the literal hundreds of palenques.

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