Luxury holidays in Valletta

You can easily spend your days just wandering, taking in the details or admiring sweeping vistas from the city wall (pro-tip: don't miss the Upper Barrakka Gardens for impress-your-friends Instagrams of the spectacular harbour view). And Malta's fascinating history – from stone-age hunters to Roman, Moorish and Norman conquests to more than 150 years of British rule – has left its mark everywhere: if you're a museum-goer, art fiend or architecture fan, you'll be in heaven in Valletta. (And if you're a sun seeker, too, rejoice, for Valletta's the sunniest capital city in all of Europe.)

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Getting there

  • Planes

    Most overseas visitors touch down at Malata International Airport, about 20 minutes from Valletta by car.
  • Boats

    There are ferries from nearby east-coast towns, but you'll probably use those for exploring rather than arriving. If you're coming from Sicily, there's a boat service that'll bring you to Valletta.
  • Automobiles

    Driving in Valletta is a challenge — it's an historic city with lots of one-way streets and pedestrian zones, and not much parking.