Luxury holidays in Chambord

Chambord is in the northern French countryside, two hours south of Paris in the heart of the Loire Valley. Explore the Sun King’s country estate by velocipede – how modern of you – or hire a charmant row boat and float down the Loire Canal. Explore the halls and grounds of Chambord’s star attraction – a gâteau of a French Renaissance castle that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairy tale. Pop into the village for freshly baked baguettes, then set off for a day of touring the local vineyards. If wine’s not your thing, we hear you can make a cocktail fit for royalty with the the eponymous raspberry-flavoured liquor…

When to go

The region is a popular destination throughout spring and summer, but late spring is the best time to visit if you’re hoping to catch the château gardens as they burst into bloom. Wine lovers will do best with a visit in mild autumn, when you’ll get a background of fire-coloured leaves and a ringside seat to the grape harvest.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Flights from across the globe land at Charles de Gaulle Airport (two-and-a-half hours away by car) and Paris Orly Airport (two hours away by car).
  • Trains

    The Eurostar connects London and other European cities with Paris; from there, continue on a two-hour rail journey to Mer station.
  • Automobiles

    From Paris, it’s a two-hour drive south to Chambord. Within the estate, you’ll be able to roam around by bicycle or on foot.