Luxury holidays in Montego Bay

Jamaica’s Montego Bay is a tale of two sun-soaked cities. On the coral-clad suburban coast, glamorous resorts stud a curve of white-sand beaches – ray-catchers, scuba-lovers and cocktail-mainliners, this is your palm-fringed paradise. Hit the centre of town, though, for a riotous muddle of Jamaica’s colonial past, melting-pot present and thumping artistic heart – ghost stories, smoky jerk grills and the island’s grandest church hide among the hubbub. And when the rhythm of the streets gets a bit too raucous, the frond-shaded peace of the ’burbs is just a hop, skip and a splash away.

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When to go

High season runs from December to April – expect peak temperatures and beach-bound crowds to match. Those in the know aim for November to mid-December, when the weather is warm and the beaches less bustling. It’s best to avoid going between August and October, the height of hurricane season.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Montego Bay is served by Sangster International Airport, with direct flights, as well as intercontinental connections, touching down from North American cities including Chicago, New York and Toronto. From there, it’s around a 15-minute taxi ride to the city centre and about 10 minutes to Ironshore, the main resort area.
  • Automobiles

    Set-route taxis are a handy option for navigating the city centre or heading to and from the suburbs, with fixed, generally reasonable fares – look out for their red number plates and the routes written on the driver’s door.