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When to go

June onwards brings a festival fest to the region, adding extra colour to your visit. For a balance of crowds versus weather, spring months March to May are favourable, beating September and October by a whisker. If you don’t mind cooler temperatures, have Umbria to yourself, December to February.

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Getting there

  • Planes

    Perugia is the hub airport for Umbria; from the UK | Rynair flies there from London Stansted ( The region is roughly in the middle between Rome and Florence (around 150km to each) for other flight options.
  • Trains

    Terni and Orvieto can each be reached from Rome in an hour; Foligno is one hour 40 minutes from Ancona by rail (
  • Automobiles

    It’s handy to have wheels for exploring this rustic region. At Perugia airport companies including Avis have desks (
  • Taxis

    In Orvieto, try Catarcia Simone Taxi Service (+39 360 433016; For cabs around Norcia, Piazzale Giovanni Polvani operates out of Spoleto (+39 0743 220489).