Luxury holidays in Lazio

Tourists flock to Rome all-year round, but Lazio has more to offer than just its famous capital: this relatively undiscovered region is home to picturesque towns, sprawling vineyards and miles of golden beaches. Head to quiet Palestrina, where the mosaic-studded ruins of the ancient Praeneste Forum still stand under the shadow of Cathedral di Sant’Agapito. Coastal towns Anzio, Gaeta and Formia offer sunbathing and beach-hopping to match neighbouring Tuscany, but minus the crowds; the majestic cliffs, sapphire-blue waves and honey-hued casas of San Felice Circeo are particularly postcard-worthy. An Italian jaunt isn’t complete without a taste of the local vintage, and Lazio provides more than its fair share: the vineyards of Principe Pallavicini and Falesco produce bottle after bottle of famous wines, while Marco Carpineti in Cori has a history half-a-century older than Rome itself.

Destinations in Lazio

  • Star in your own Roman holiday, trying to look as good as Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn on the back of a Vespa as you do it.

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