Luxury holidays in Capri

During the height of the season, up to 60,000 people daytrip from the mainland, but most leave with the evening ferries, giving those staying on a taste of the real island. Not that it's a quiet life they're usually after. For many visitors, the point of staying here is strutting around Capri Town's centre, the Piazzetta, buying designer Italian fashion and partying 'til dawn. For others, especially if they head north, it's all about hidden coves, mountain hikes and drinking in the sea views.

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When to go

Most hotels and restaurants shut from November until mid-March. May and October offer warm weather and few crowds. Prices shoot sky high in July and August.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The nearest international airport is Naples.
  • Trains

    No, but boats or helicopters are an option. Take a bus shuttle from the airport to the Molo Beverello quay to catch a 45-min hydrofoil to Capri. Expect an hourly service during the summer and up to five ferries a day during the winter. NLG Linea Jet (+081 552 7209; and Snav (+081 428 5111; both offer 45-min hydrofoil services; Caremar (+081 551 3882; operates ferry services (some take cars), which take 1hr 20 mins. If you're light of luggage and heavy of wallet, SAM Helicopters ( will whizz you from Naples.
  • Automobiles

    You could hire a car | but Capri's roads are narrow | stomach-churningly winding and dominated by aggressive drivers with horns on permanent alert. Scooter hire gives far more La Dolce Vita points | and | by patronising the snappily named Rent an Electric Scooter (Via Roma 68; +081 837 5863; from €10 for one hour) | you can feel satisfyingly green.
  • Taxis

    Stretch candy-striped open-top Fiats used to negotiate the island's hairpin bends but most have been put out of service. You'll see a few restored Classics touring around, but new seven-seater versions are now made specially for the island: a great way to look glam even when you're in a traffic jam. Pay around €10 from Capri Town to Anacapri.