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Wash up at the islands of the Indian Ocean and you’ll be a willing castaway for an equatorial escape with all the icing-sugar shores and balmy blue waters you’ve been dreaming of. Find Nemo (and friends) as you snorkel around the Maldives’ colourful coral reefs. Back on land, take a deep dive into the kaleidoscope history and continent-spanning culture of Mauritius or unwind in totally tropical style with a sea-facing spa break.

Destinations in Indian Ocean

  • Take all the golden-sun, white-sand, azure-water clichés you can think of, shake well, sprinkle over the equatorial ocean, and season to taste with luxury – well done: you’ve made yourself the Maldives.
  • Small in landmass, but mighty in history, Mauritius has been home to everyone from Dutch seafarers to Chinese merchants, and Arab spice traders to British colonialists.
  • Just off the East African coast lies a constellation of tiny islands that basks in an endless summer. Dip into Smith’s selection of luxe island stays and soon you’ll be waking up to sapphire-blue sea views…

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