Luxury holidays in Tinos

Each year in August, the quaint Cycladic island of Tinos transforms as travellers flock to the red-stained steps of Panagia Megalochari to pay homage to the sacred Virgin Mary. But beyond the rush, Tinos’ church-laden streets are quiet, waves gently lap as the Greek sun beats down and locals potter along Venetian-esque ports. After a morning lazing along the bay’s secluded sands, venture up to the island’s hillside village of Pyrgos to wander past hand-crafted marble sculptures that adorn shutter-lined streets.

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When to go

The annual rush to Panagia Megalochari takes place on 15 August. Beyond that, Tinos tends to be free from heaving crowds and is typical of a Mediterranean climate, making any month between April and October the warmest (and driest) time to visit.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Fly into one of Tinos’ neighbouring islands (Mykonos, Syros, Paros or Naxos) before heading to the respective ports and hopping on a ferry to reach Tinos. Mykonos is the closest, with a 20-minute journey between the two islands.
  • Automobiles

    If you’re planning on driving around Tinos, rent a car once you land at the airport and drive to the port, where you (and your car) can take a ferry to the island. Tinos is largely made up of dirt roads, so a 4x4 may be your best bet.