Luxury holidays in Sifnos

Embraced by the Aegean sea, Sifnos is a sensory playground for the attuned pleasure-seeker. Home to potters, poets, and a proud culinary tradition, this is a land of deft hands, hungry hearts and satisfied stomachs. See and be seen in Apollonia after hours, or wander the medieval passages of Kastro, where rich, Mediterranean flavours drift from Cycladic kitchens on the back of the Aegean breeze.

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  • Verina Astra

    Verina Astra

    Sifnos, Greece

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When to go

With an evergreen climate, there’s really no bad time to visit this pleasing little island, though there are particularly attractive seasons. Springtime brings bursts of colour, as blooming courtyards come alive with sprawling bougainvillaea and wildflowers envelope the coast. For foodies, September is a must; the Cycladic Gastronomy Festival brings chefs from all over the archipelago. If there was ever an event worthy of that extra belt hole, this is it.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The nearest International hub is Athens. Find direct flights from most major UK and European cities, as well as the USA, Asia and the Middle East. From Athens, express bus X96 will take you to the port of Piraeus, where scheduled ferry services depart for Sifnos several times a day. Journey times and prices vary depending on which service you use; the standard ferry service costs €33.50 per person each way, and takes just over five hours, while the ‘Champion Jet’ gets you there in two hours for an extra five euros. To avoid long waiting times, advance booking is recommended (
  • Automobiles

    Unlike many of the Greek islands, Sifnos has excellent public transport, and taxis are frequent and affordable. The island is compact enough to explore on foot, though a car can come in handy for exploring more isolated offerings like the Agion Simeons Monastery, where you’ll find sublime panoramic views. The road conditions are generally good and traffic is fairly sparse outside of the capital, Apollonia, but be aware of steep, hairpin turns as you venture into the hills.