Luxury holidays in Rhodes

Unspoiled Dodecanese island Rhodes has a year-round sunny outlook; unsurprisingly, since the goddess Rhode - the island’s namesake - was married to sun-god Helios. Historically a bridge between Europe and the East, Rhodes’ rich history has made the destination a cultural jigsaw. Known as ‘The Island of Knights’ due to its 200-year rule under the Knights of Saint John, the island’s diverse influences can be found by way of Byzantine, Ottoman and Italian architecture, or gastronomically with cumin-centric dishes inspired by the Turks alongside typical Mediterranean meals. Explore Cycladic cliffside villages, archaeological parks and Bourgo - Europe’s oldest medieval town - before winding down on one of many Blue Flag beaches.

When to go

Visit during spring or autumn to explore the antiquity of the old town and enjoy the Acropolis away from the crowds. Or, stay from June to September to make the most of the island’s diverse beaches.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The nearest hub is Rhodes International Airport. Find direct flights from most major UK and European cities. Flights from the US and further afield usually include a stopover, though there are direct flights from Russia and the UAE. The journey from Rhodes International to Rhodes town takes around 35 minutes, with connecting buses running several times a day.
  • Automobiles

    Driving is one of the best ways to explore all the island has to offer, though leave your F1 ambitions at the door, Rhodes has a strict 40km speed limit inside the towns and villages.