Luxury holidays in Mani

When to go

Mani’s impeccable climes make it a year-round destination, but the creative pulse of the peninsula comes alive in the summer when the Areopoli municipality organises a host of events, from concerts and theatre to traditional dancing and local gastronomy evenings.

Getting there

  • Planes

    From May to October, you can catch weekly charter flights to Kalamata, just north of Mani, though these can be infrequent and limited to select destinations in Europe. The nearest international hub is Athens, with direct flights from most major UK and European cities, as well as the USA, Asia and the Middle East. From Athens, you can reach Mani in three hours by car or bus. If you do choose to drive, be sure to have cash on hand for the Atikos Odis toll highway.
  • Automobiles

    A car is a must in this expansive terrain. Though roads are generally well-surfaced and traffic is light, acrophobic travellers may want to steer clear of the more mountainous routes in the east.