Luxury holidays in Rovaniemi

When to go

Come Christmas, families arrive en masse to hand-deliver letters to Santa; but the wilds keep the peace. Each season brings its own delights, but in winter (from December to March) Rovaniemi looks a smidge more magical under a layer of snow.

Getting there

  • Planes

    You can fly direct to Helsinki from London, major cities in Europe or New York; most other flights arrive via London or the Middle East. Internal flight routes are frequent and affordable, served by Finnair and Norwegian airlines.
  • Trains

    Take the VR overnight train ( from Helsinki Central to Rovaniemi rail station (around 11 hours) to wake to Christmas-card panoramas – choose from cosy private berths or economic bunk-beds. If you’re travelling by day, you’ll need to change at Oulu or Tampere.
  • Automobiles

    Those with sturdy tyres and an even sturdier constitution can attempt the nine-hour drive from Helsinki to the hotel – it’s pretty much a straight drive north on the E75 route.