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When to go

The countryside comes alive in late spring with bluebells and fruit-tree blossom.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Birmingham International is the nearest airport to Worcester (40 minutes away) and has connections from Aberdeen | Belfast | Edinburgh and Glasgow with BMI Baby (; Manchester and London Heathrow are each around two hours away.
  • Trains

    There’s a regular main line service linking Worcestershire with London Paddington, Birmingham New Street and Moor Street and other parts of the UK. For full services, see
  • Automobiles

    Access the county via the M6 | M40 or M5 (around two and a half hours from London; two hours from Manchester). National Express ( operates coaches from Birmingham | London | Swansea and Leeds to Worcester.
  • Taxis

    In Worcester and the county’s bigger towns (such as Kidderminster and Stourport) you can hail cabs in the street, and most rail stations have ranks. Village-based cab-hunters will do best to book.