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When to go

British summertime, when the weather is fine (sometimes), is at its sunniest from June to August, but it’s worth arriving with a back-up brolly in May to score quieter sands. Sidmouth Folk Week kicks off in early April.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Exeter Airport ( is a 20-minute drive from Sidmouth. Skybus services fly here from various destinations in the south-west of the UK; Flybe has arrivals from major European cities.
  • Trains

    Honiton rail station is a 20-minute drive from Sidmouth. Great Western trains ( arrive from London; there are direct routes from Waterloo (around a three-hour journey), but the train from Paddington takes two-and-a-half hours; from Exeter St Davids, Honiton is half an hour by train.
  • Automobiles

    From Exeter, Sidmouth’s a half-hour drive. If you’re arriving from a northerly direction, leave the A30 just after Honiton and follow signs to Sidmouth.