Luxury holidays in Buje

In the hinterlands of Istria, the hilltop town of Buje is quietly making a name for itself as Croatia’s answer to Tuscany. The parallels are obvious; a dynamic wine scene, charming mediaeval architecture and a hearty local cuisine, all poised among miles of grape-studded greens.

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When to go

Croatia’s a well-tried summertime favourite, and Istria is no different with its Mediterranean climes and nearby beaches. However, autumn is the main event among Buje’s vine-threaded pastures, where locals gather in the old town to celebrate the harvest with musical performances, farm fairs and, naturally, a whole lot of wine.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The nearest international airport is Trieste in North-East Italy, just 45-minutes across the Croatian border. Flights arrive here from a handful of European destinations. Alternatively, Pula Airport is just under an hour south of Buje and runs flights from all major cities across Europe.
  • Automobiles

    The Istria region is littered with worthy day trips, from the Mediaeval port of Rovinj to the Roman amphitheatre of Pula. With patchy transport outside of the main cities, a car comes in handy here; its toll roads are well serviced, reasonably priced and benefit from postcard-worthy views of the lush Croatian countryside.