Luxury holidays in Limón Province

Limón Province encapsulates 125 miles of coastline stretching along Costa Rica’s Caribbean shores from Nicaragua to Panama. The prevalence of reggae music and Jamaican-spiced cuisine are cherished legacies of the area’s Afro-Caribbean heritage. Limón, aka Puerto Limón, is the region’s beating heart, but its wild beaches and abundant flora and fauna are the province’s main attractions. Two national parks top and tail Limón Province, home to coral reefs, turtle nesting sites, mangroves and rainforest riven with waterways. The cloudforest-covered Talamanca Mountains mark the area’s southern border.

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Areas in Limón Province

When to go

Limón Province is in the tropics, enjoying warm temperatures year round, with tropical rain showers, regular but short-lived. The award for wettest month goes to July; coolest is January; hottest – that’s you August, and September and October share top honours as the driest months.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The province’s gateway airport is Limón airstrip, served by regional flights. San José’s Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) is five to six hours away by road. At five hours distant, David regional airport may tempt you with proximity, but the complications of crossing the Panamanian border make this option worth resisting.
  • Automobiles

    The roads here are well maintained and signposted, although airport transfers aside, you may find that organised tours, borrowed bicycles or taxis to town are all the transport you need.