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At its heart, the Forbidden City marks the historic nerve centre of imperial China, but the glossy skyscrapers, thriving street markets and buzzing bar and restaurant scene surrounding it cement Beijing's status as a thoroughly modern metropolis.

Hotels in Beijing


Boats gliding across lotus-flecked lakes, graceful tea ceremonies, the rattle of mahjong tiles… Chengdu, China’s fourth-largest city, remains its most cool-headed, even as high rises fill the skyline. Foodie-luring Sichuan cuisine adds plenty of spice.

Hotels in Chengdu


One of the seven ancient capitals of China, the bustling city of Hangzhou has the best of city and country; a lively business and finance area knocks at the door to the willow-lined banks and lush greenery of the infamous West Lake district.

Hotels in Hangzhou
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Full of colour and teeming with life, Hong Kong is a modern Asian metropolis known for its incredible efficiency, its vibrant shopping and its world-beating cuisine. While it does deserve the reputation, dig a little deeper and you find there’s much more going on beneath the surface.

Hotels in Hong Kong