Luxury holidays in Palm Springs

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Areas in Palm Springs

When to go

Palm Springs has sunshine and balmy temperatures year-round, which is what makes it such a popular winter destination; the population almost doubles during these months. If anything, summer temperatures are too hot, with temperatures way above one hundred degrees.

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Getting there

  • Planes

    There is an international airport at Palm Springs (, but many of the airlines that fly there are domestic; you’ll probably arrive at Los Angeles airport (LAX), 100 miles east of the city.
  • Trains

    Amtrak ( connects Palm Springs to other US cities. There are two railway stations, Bakersfield being the best one for connections to LA.
  • Automobiles

    Like most US cities, you’ll need a car if you want to explore any further than the hotel boundaries – not least for the air-conditioning. Alternatively, you could hire yourself a Harley (
  • Taxis

    From Palm Springs airport, order a cab from Airport Taxi (+1 760 321 4470) or Yellow Cab (+1 760 345 8398); your hotel can arrange taxis for you if you need a ride anywhere local.