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Find the perfect blend (hello, Neighbours fans) of bright white beaches, outlying Outback camps, luxury lodges and palm-fringed surfers’ paradises in Australasia. Welcome to a land down under: tick off Australia’s laid-back cities and rainforest retreats, hike through Hollywood’s real-life Middle-earth in New Zealand’s otherworldly landscapes or don a grass skirt and get into the groove of Melanesia’s poster-girl landmass, Fiji. 

Destinations in Australasia

  • Outright wild in some parts, and rather genteel in others (just take a look at the fine wine and Tasmanian whiskeys), Australia really does have it all. And whether it's the wildlife, surfing or coffee culture you're after, we've got you covered.
  • A cluster of more than 300 tropical islands, Fiji is a nature-lover’s paradise, teeming with wildlife and covered in a thick carpet of exotic greenery.
  • This secluded string of 118 islands sits in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between California and Australia.
  • Nature will always steal the show in New Zealand: it's a country of dramatic landscapes and diverse diversions. Surfing? Check. Downhill skiing? Look to Queenstown. Scuba-diving? They’ve got that too.

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