Luxury holidays in Asia

We've hand-picked the very best boutique and luxury hotels in Asia to bring you our collection of stylish romantic retreats. Find your perfect hotel and get the low-down on holidays in 0 – just choose your destination from the list below…

Destinations in Asia

  • Cradled by the snow-topped Himalayas between India and Tibet, the remote and once almost inaccessible Kingdom of Bhutan is a uniquely impressive and intriguing country to discover.
  • Ancient and modern civilisations collide in Cambodia, where sights like the mighty Angkor temple complex offer a stark contrast to the bustling and increasingly forward-thinking capital, Phnom Penh.
  • China’s so vast, and so diverse, that it’d take a lifetime to explore every landscape, taste every local delicacy… but Smith’s collection of boutique hotels and luxury stays is a first-class place to start.
  • Sense-jolting India seduces with its palaces, parks and personable locals.
  • With a thousands-strong archipelago’s worth of white-sand beaches, balmy waters and jungle-clad peaks to choose from, there’s an island idyll for everyone in Indonesia.
  • Japan is a dizzying mix of tradition and modernity, from the technicoloured metropolis of Tokyo to the powdered slops of Niseko, from the gardens of the geisha districts to Unesco-listed national parks.
  • Mountainous, landlocked Laos stretches north from Cambodia up to forest-covered mountains, with the meandering Mekong River flowing the length of the country.
  • With its tropical nature reserves that crawl with wildlife sitting just on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur’s glowing modern skyline, Malaysia’s kaleidoscopic scenery is tailored to travellers with a thirst for variety.
  • A place where rustic simplicity, mysticism and modernity have been tossed together, Myanmar is a country in flux, capable of stimulating the senses of even the most experienced traveller.
  • Adventure gear at the ready. Nepal, home to top-notch trekking, the majestic Mount Everest and other perpendicular peaks, wins the bucket list for adrenalin junkies.
  • The unspoilt beaches, lush landscapes and stylish luxury hotels make the the Philippines a tropical destination perfect for stylish sun-seekers.
  • Despite its gleaming skyscrapers, Singapore is a self-styled ‘garden city’ with attractions such as Kew-on-steroids Gardens by the Bay and jungle-clad colonial-era mansions.
  • Delicately spiced, yet rich in flavour, pocket-sized Sri Lanka packs a punch.
  • Variety (well, and lemongrass) is the spice of life in Thailand.
  • With Smith’s ever-growing selection of secluded beachfront resorts, boutique hotels and luxury villas in Vietnam, we’ve taken care of where to stay. You just need to decide what to do first.

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