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Five of the best: wonderfully weird museums in Japan

Wonderfully weird museums in Japan

Step inside an animated film, explore the history of instant noodles, and get up close (if you dare) to a collection of cursed dolls – oh, and don't forget to visit the gift shop

Kate Hutchinson: ‘There’s no bad time to hear Sade’

Sounds travels with Kate Hutchinson

Journalist, DJ and presenter, Kate Hutchinson, lets us listen in on her perfect holiday playlist which flits from Balearic beaches to Ghanaian street parties via some airport angst and Basingstoke nostalgia…

Raf Rundell: ‘I’ve been getting into country’

Sounds travels with Raf Rundell

Welcome to Sound Travels: a new series exploring the audio adventures of some musically minded globetrotters. And who better to kick things off than the man who graced the decks at this year’s Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards: Raf Rundell.