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The Checklist

The Checklist

What's the most off-the-grid travel experience you've had lately?
Steph: Most off-the-grid recent travel experience was in China, where the government blocks access to the sites I use every day. You don't realize how much you Google things until you can't access Google at al!!

Akin to Super Bowl winners saying, "I'm going to Disneyland!" after the big game, what's the one destination you immediately think of as a reward after a big launch or product release?
Jen: I used to live in London, so after a big accomplishment I look forward to heading back there for a few days to visit friends and swing by all my favorite shops and restaurants.

Finish this sentence: I would switch to a middle seat for ___________.
Steph: Unlimited time to travel! The list of places I want to go is miles long, and I would do anything, even take a middle seat, for more travel time.

Do you have any favorite travel hacks (ways to score an upgrade, methods of getting your meal first on a flight, etc)?
Jen: Comfort is key! I have a checklist I take into account pre-flight to make sure I'm feeling my best. I dress in comfortable layers, make sure I have a great moisturizer to combat dry cabin air, and Bose noise cancelling headphones are a must.

What are your thoughts on out-of-office messages? Leave one? Don't leave one? Keep it simple? Make it poetic?
Steph: I'm usually connected even when out of office, so I don't bother with a message. The two exceptions are long haul flights with no wifi (which I try to avoid), and when I'm taking a real unplugged vacation for a couple days.
Jen: I usually do put an out-of-office message up so that whoever is emailing me can be pointed in the right direction in case it's urgent.

Do you have a go-to vacation emoji? For example, are you partial to hallelujah hands or the palm tree?
Steph: The "100" emoji, it can convey so much, especially when traveling.
Jen: I'm super descriptive. Big Sur? ???????????????? Tokyo? ???????????? I probably spend too much time on my emoji keyboard...

Jen Rubio

What's your packing mantra?
Jen: I try to get away with just a carry-on whenever possible. I’m all about layers that can be mixed and matched and reworn.

You've already tackled luggage, if you were to improve on another area of travel, what would you next choice be?
Jen: That's a great question! I'm pre-check and have global entry, so I don't experience much in the way of TSA lines, but it would be awesome to make plane air fresher and less dry.
Steph: Ultimately, our mission at Away is to make travel as seamless and joyful as possible. We believe that travel has the ability to enhance your life and make the world a better place through new experiences and cultural understanding, and we want to do what we can to minimize the parts that can be frustrating so that our customers can focus on the great parts. We're looking forward to continuing to build out our product line and continuing to empower more and more travelers to explore the world more seamlessly.

Header image by Nate Paekert

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