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The Checklist

The Checklist

What are your favorite ‘smug offices’?
The London Edition's lobby is great for people watching and they have the best poached egg/avocado toast combo in London, so checking email on the couches there has become my morning ritual when I'm in town.

What's the most off-the-grid travel experience you've had lately?
We just spent a few nights trekking through the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to Kasbah du Toubkal's Eco-Lodge. No Wi-Fi for over 24 hours: a real challenge, but a rewarding one.

Akin to Super Bowl winners saying, ‘I'm going to Disneyland!’ after the big game, what's the one destination you immediately think of as a reward after a big launch?
It's become a tradition of ours to unplug down in Nicaragua for a few days (read: weeks) after any major release. After launching Stella Spoils last year we spent three weeks down there on-boarding Nikki Brand, our jungle babe creative director.

Finish this sentence: I would switch to a middle seat for _____________.

Do you have any favorite travel hacks (ways to score an upgrade, methods of getting your meal first on a flight, etc)?
Last summer right before I left for a month in India to compete in the Rickshaw Run, I was trying to sort out how to charge all of our cameras and miscellaneous devices while on the road. My brilliant mother casually suggested I bring a power strip with me—a  trusty $9.95 power strip from your local hardware store. It's changed my life while on the road and I don't leave home without one for any international travel. iPhone? Camera? Laptop? Mophie? Electric toothbrush? You'll find them all neatly charging next to my bed. Only one converter necessary.

Max Samix

What are your thoughts on out-of-office messages? Leave one? Don't leave one? Keep it simple? Make it poetic?
We don't really have an office so I suppose we're always "out-of-office." It's easy to figure out where our team is on any day by looking at our Instagram or Snapchat so none of us bother. I've become pretty disciplined at logging an hour or two of email early in the morning even while on the road.

If you could "accidentally" pick up someone else's suitcase at baggage claim, anyone in the world, whose would you pick? And why?
Brazilian chef Alex Atala. I just watched his episode of Chef’s Table on Netflix and I'm confident that I could survive for at least a week alone in the wild if necessary with whatever's inside his bag.

Since you're in the business of providing inspiration, what destination have you found to be the most inspiring to you?
I've always been inspired by the beach. I wish everyone could spend a majority of their year in a bathing suit. There's nothing more inspiring than watching a sunset while the water calmly laps the shore. I'm relaxed just thinking about it.

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