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Who we support

Luxury travel and eco-friendly ambitions aren’t the easiest of bedfellows, but we’re doing our best to reconcile the two by steering you to ever-greener travel options and sharing details of where you can reduce your environmental impact. 

To that end, we signpost the eco-conscious efforts of as many hotels as we can – finding out whether they use organic ingredients, ecological detergents and toiletries; whether they were built with natural or locally sourced materials; if they participate in recycling schemes; are energy efficient; are involved in any conservation projects; and if they give back to their local community or employ local staff. When it constitutes a significant effort, this information is featured on our hotels’ overview pages in the ‘Eco-friendly’ section.

We also champion the world’s most eco-friendly and community-focused hotels each year in the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards, supported by our chosen charity, the Blue Marine Foundation. Founded in 2010 by the makers of the eye-opening documentary The End of the Line, the foundation has already succeeded in creating two of the world’s largest marine reserves (in the Indian and Pacific Oceans), as well as the largest in the Atlantic (around Ascension Island). And closer to home, they’ve helped to restore the native oyster to the Solent and pioneered a game-changing model of sustainable fishing in Dorset’s Lyme Bay. You can find out more on their website

At Smith we’re all about exploring the world – and its natural wonders – but we want future generations to be able to enjoy it, too. That’s why we’re standing behind the Blue Marine Foundation in all its efforts to protect 10 per cent of the world’s oceans by 2020’ 
– James and Tamara Lohan, Mr & Mrs Smith co-founders