Discover hotels near Chicago for weekend escapes in Canada

One of Canada’s heftier provinces, Ontario stretches from the St Lawrence River to the frozen shores of Hudson Bay. Niagara Falls may be the province’s most visited site, but we prefer to make tracks for the on-trend restaurants and bars of capital city Ottawa or the historic Distillery District of lakeside Toronto instead. Beyond the major cities you’ll find wildlife-filled national parks and the thousands of eponymous lakes – ‘Ontario’ meant ‘glittering waters’ to its early Iroquois inhabitants. Hike through forested parks, paddle down Algonquin Provincial Park’s network of canoe routes, or get cosy up in ‘cottage country’ – central Ontario’s cabin-dotted stretch of the Canadian Shield. Remember to bring along a bottle of locally made whisky, authentic maple syrup (we hear you can’t travel without it) and your best manners.