Discover villas with pools in Sumba, Indonesia

Even within the rest of Indonesia, the mention of Sumba tends to elicit blank looks. A couple of hours’ flight southeast of Bali, the island is little known and little visited compared to its more well-trodden neighbours on the archipelago, attracting mainly hardcore surfers who’ve heard rumours of its legendary breaks. Beyond the pristine untouched beaches and rideable waves, however, Sumba is full of unexpected joys. Its richly spiritual tribal culture dates back millennia, still preserving its ancient religion and megalithic burial tradition. The island’s forests brim with birdlife and its seas swarm with tropical fish, making it the ideal destination for nature lovers and scuba-junkies, but it’s the unspoilt tranquillity, the stunning scenery and the escapist air of romance that makes Sumba such a perfect pocket of paradise.

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