Discover hotels and villas with heated pools in Isles of Scilly, United Kingdom

Of the five inhabited islands, St Mary’s is a sort of hub, in that it has a school, a hospital and a (nine-mile) road network; it also has air and sea links, so it’s likely to be your first port of call. Car-free Tresco sports rocky outcrops, castles and calm beaches; its sub-tropical climate helps 20,000 exotic species flourish within Abbey Gardens, the island’s key accessory. Two-mile St Martin’s is calm, with remote swooshes of sand and a vineyard. St Agnes is a mere mile across, peppered with quaint cottages and flowery fields. And Bryher is a rugged beaut; it’s got the Hell Bay Hotel, a golf course and lots of hilly hiking. Boat between if you fancy, or pick your spot and take a deep breath. Explore the islets, take long dips in the sea and feast on local produce. Scillonians take it slowly.