Discover romantic hotels and villas for couples in Big Sur, United States

Please note: due to major weather conditions in Big Sur, the area is not accessible at all at this time. Damaged Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge has been taken down, and there is no timeline as to when visitors will have access into Big Sur from the North, including by foot, nor is there a current timeline as to when access from the south will be available. Big Sur is the 90-mile stretch of Pacific shore swooping between Carmel and San Simeon. Craggy cliffs peer out to sea with towering green mountains behind them and giant redwoods grow alongside cacti. The hair-raising Highway One will have you winding along the rocky ridges of the cliff’s edge, stopping to take in the natural epic around you. This final frontier has been hard to tame and remains isolated – electricity didn’t arrive in Big Sur until 1950 and the population still dawdles at 1,500. The awesome coast is lined with ancient forest and magical mountains, and its special-scale beauty means it’s considered sacred by Native Americans. Big Sur can also count Henry Miller as a fan – in his eyes, this is ‘the face of the earth as the creator intended it to look.’