Julie Hosking


This Perth-based magazine editor was born in Melbourne, grew up in Papua New Guinea and went to boarding school in Queensland before her family moved to the Pilbara in Western Australia. Is it her fault she likes to travel? A year as an exchange student in Spain only cemented her love of discovering new places, not to mention new wines, and she’s been happy to head to all corners of the globe ever since, preferably with Mr Smith (who’s much better at bargaining). Not known for thrill-seeking – she’d rather look at mountains than climb them – Julie is, however, thrilled to be in a profession that occasionally enables her to stay somewhere sensational, eat fabulous food and tell everyone about it. If she could do it full-time she might grow tired of such pleasures (and the children might miss her), but she’s prepared to run the risk…

Julie Hosking anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: