The Smith Hotel Awards

Celebrating stylish places to stay and telling their tales

The Smith Hotel Awards: celebrating stylish places to stay and telling their tales – a chance to shine the spotlight on some of the most incredible escapes in our hotel collections.

We want to demonstrate not only the fantastic diversity in the travel market today, but also share over a decade of expertise gathered along the way – and hopefully show you how important your opinions are to us.

How does the voting process work?

Firstly, we're asking boutique-hotel lovers around the world to vote for their favourite hotels, in 12 special categories. These votes will help us shortlist a global top 10 for each award. One winner and two runners-up will then be chosen by an expert panel: joining our Smith team judges, we've invited tastemakers, specialists and industry insiders to help select the very best in class.

About Mr & Mrs Smith

We've been visiting and anonymously reviewing stylish boutique hotels and hip holiday stays for a decade now. We only choose our favourites, we send anonymous reviewers to each and every one, and we share the same insider low-down we'd give our best friends. Rest assured: when you book with us, every tiny detail is taken care of.

  1. Why did you launch your own awards?

    We held our inaugural awards in 2013 to celebrate a decade of expertise, to showcase the variety of our collection, to recognise how boutique hotels have evolved, and to encourage boutique-hotel fans around the world to share their favourites. It was a huge success – since then, the Smith Hotel Awards have gone from strength to strength.

  2. How are they different from other hotel awards?

    All the voting is public, by people who really know what makes a great hotel: global boutique travellers, hotel fans and Mr & Mrs Smith members worldwide. Our members are loyal, vocal and knowledgable, and love sharing their recommendations – we wanted them to help us celebrate the best places to stay in the world.

  3. Where can I find more information on each of the award categories?

    There's a page dedicated to each category, outlining the award criteria and showcasing the nominees: they're all listed on the awards categories menu.

  4. How do I vote for my favourite hotel?

    Easy: to vote for your favourite places to stay, just complete the simple online voting form any time from 1–30 September. The 20 award nominees in each category are all in our hotel collection, which means they have been personally checked by us, anonymously reviewed, and tried and tested by hundreds of Smith members. The Best Smith Hotel 2015 is the only one that hasn’t been listed for you, so it’s open to any of the 950+ special stays in our collection. If you have any other favourites, there's space for you to suggest hotels at the end of the voting form.

  5. How do I enter the free prize draw?

    By voting: when you submit your form, you'll be automatically entered into our draw, giving you the chance to win a £1,000 Get a room! gift voucher. You'll find more details on our Vote and win page.

  6. Who votes for the winners?

    The Smith Hotel Awards are voted for by the boutique-hotel loving public, who help us shortlist finalists. Public votes will create top 10s in each category; the ultimate winners are then chosen from each top 10 by our panel of guest judges. Meet our judges.

  7. How do I enter my hotel into the Smith Hotel Awards?

    Every hotel in the collection is eligible to be nominated, provided it has the relevant facilities for each category (so, for example, if yours doesn't have a spa, it can't be chosen for Best Spa Hotel). A panel of experts then selects the 20 nominees for each category, with the exception of Best Smith Hotel 2015, which is open to every one of our hotels.

  8. How do I get my guests to vote?

    As the awards are traveller-voted, it's important to gain the support of your guests and get them to participate once you’ve been nominated. The more votes you receive, the better your chances of being shortlisted and winning an award.

  9. I have another question…

    Drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll try to answer it!

What Makes A Smith Hotel? 24 Questions We Ask

There's no secret formula or clipboard checklist of 'must-haves' for a Smith hotel, and we don't do star ratings – but these are the key questions we ask ourselves when we stay in a hotel that we think could be right for our collection:

  1. Is the setting sensational?
  2. Is there a nothing’s-too-much-trouble attitude?
  3. What makes the interiors imaginative?
  4. Why are those flowers not fresher?
  5. Would they fix me a bite to eat if I arrived out of hours?
  6. Is there a sign pointing to conference facilities?
  7. How long would I be happy to stay in my suite?
  8. Are the sheets soft-to-the-touch and super-high threadcount?
  9. Can the lighting or temperature be controlled in every bedroom?
  10. Is the bathroom brimming with indulgent products?
  11. Will that shower really drench me?
  12. Could you fit two in that tub?
  13. I want a minibar full of surprises – will that just be the prices?
  14. Can I have a full cooked-to-perfection breakfast in bed?
  15. Are the walls thick enough to drown out my neighbours’ antics?
  16. Is the cocktail lounge buzzing with guests and locals?
  17. Are there too many suited-and-booted businessfolk?
  18. Will my glass of white wine be chilled to perfection?
  19. Can the barman mix me a perfect martini?
  20. What table’s best for an intimate dinner?
  21. Could you call this hotel a destination in its own right?
  22. Does it have that magical ambience that’s so hard to put into words?
  23. Am I going to be in trouble if I check out a bit late?
  24. And, most importantly… will Mr or Mrs Smith like it?

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