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8 November 2013

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The Smith Hotel awards:Showcasing the world's
most stylish stays

Sexiest Bedroom in the World

Sexiest Bedroom in the World

Romance comes in many guises – and there are no hard and fast rules for creating the perfect boudoir. But some things we can all agree on: it has to delight, excite, and surprise.

A room ripe for seduction needs to do more than get the basics right: the hotel you think is home to the Sexiest Bedroom in the World will pull out all the stops to light your fire. There's no stinting on quality; the lighting is just-so; maybe the minibar has a few fun extras, or the view's a corker.


Winner Blakes Hotel

London, United Kingdom

 Winner Smith Hotel Awards 2013 Blakes Hotel

One of the original boutique hotel pioneers, Anouska Hempel’s hotel Blakes is an escapist blend of OTT luxury, creativity and indulgence, with rooms reflecting a wide range of themes and eras. The magical white-draped four-poster, Indian-style mother-of-pearl-inlaid furnishings and seductive air of serenity make Blakes’ Corfu Suite the perfect room for romance.


Runner up Ca Maria Adele

Venice, Italy

 Runner up Smith Hotel Awards 2013 Ca Maria Adele

'The most sensual rooms… a fantasy cocoon. And just outside the window, arguably one of the most romantic cities in the world'
Immodesty Blaize, burlesque star


Runner up Secret Bay

Dominica, Dominica

 Runner up Smith Hotel Awards 2013 Secret Bay

'Less is more in this case: the private setting, stripped-down furnishings, in-suite culinary services and serene energy makes Secret Bay the perfect romantic getaway…'
Karma Carnes, Kiki de Montparnasse president

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Sexiest Bedroom Award Criteria

A bed you can't leave

Sometimes, size does matter: a small bed is a deal-breaker in this category. Crucially, it has to be super-comfortable and dressed for the occasion, whether you favour billowing drapery, crisp snow-white cotton or tactile, top-quality linen.

Sumptuous decor

Even if your tastes are minimal, a sense of decadence is still important. Are the finishes luxurious? The fabrics refined? Does something special draw your eye (other than your other half)?


Could you happily hole up here for a weekend? Is this somewhere you can shut the door and feel entirely alone together – a romantic retreat in the truest sense?

Attention to detail

No stone has been left unturned here to ensure a great experience: the amenities are inspired, the minibar is thoughtfully stocked, and the bath is big enough for two.

An element of intrigue

The best hotel rooms don't reveal everything straight away: they surprise you with alfresco showers, shutters that hide gob-smacking views, or cabinets containing top-notch tech.

The X-factor

Does this room have that indescribable special something? The Sexiest Bedroom in the World will have you falling in love – it's good-looking, has bags of personality and is a natural charmer. GSOH is an appealing extra.

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