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8 November 2013

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The Smith Hotel awards:Showcasing the world's
most stylish stays

Best-Dressed Hotel

Best-Dressed Hotel

Getting the interior styling of a hotel right is paramount: niche personality can be offputting; if it's too formal, your guests can't relax; too matchy-matchy, and it'll feel corporate.

The winner of Best-Dressed Hotel will be innovative, exemplary and renowned for the integrity of its aesthetic. We're not looking for a repository of high-cost fittings or design-directory namedropping, but a well-curated assembly of refreshing, inspired ideas. In other words, it's one hell of a looker.


Winner Alila Villas Uluwatu

Bali, Indonesia

 Winner Smith Hotel Awards 2013 Alila Villas Uluwatu

Staking a stylish claim on Bali’s rugged Bukit Peninsula, this is a cool, contemporary cliff-hanger of a resort which delivers dramatic eco-friendly design in a jaw-dropping setting. Every inch of the resort is beautiful, but the bar is the most remarkable element: the cliff-edge construction juts out over the Indian Ocean in an angular bird’s nest of bamboo and reclaimed wood.


Runner up Uxua Casa

Bahia, Brazil

 Runner up Smith Hotel Awards 2013 Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa

'The ultimate beach escape. Pared-back, creative simplicity reads luxury: it's authentic, without resorting to kitsch'
Neale Whittaker, Editor-in-chief, Belle


Runner up JK Place Capri

Capri, Italy

 Runner up Smith Hotel Awards 2013 JK Place Capri

'Home-from-home comfort but utterly elegant. The innovator of a much-imitated look'
Juliet Kinsman, Editor-in-chief, Mr & Mrs Smith

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Outstanding design

Would this hotel be considered exemplary by peers and critics – would it impress and nourish a visionary designer, architect, artist, or magazine editor? Can you picture it on the cover of Elle Deco or Wallpaper*?


There are no short-cuts to quality: attention to detail and a laser focus on finish are essential.


Fundamental to great design is someone with vision. Who's behind your Best-Dressed Hotel? Think of the design greats, and they'll all have an overarching sense of purpose that drives their creativity.


Does the overall design concept have integrity? Not just a nod to passing trends but a singular focus and harmonious aesthetic – one that marries well with the hotel's location.


Has this hotel broken existing moulds or approached interior design in a refreshing or inspired way? We're looking for a stay with a unique personality.


Here's the key: the whole must exceed the sum of its parts. Hotels have to feel good, as well as look good: comfort counts – and so does humour.

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