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What is a gift voucher?
Vouchers are monetary gifts that can be used towards any of our smith hotels

How can a member buy a voucher?
They can do this online or through our Smith24 team using the number XXXX XXXXXX

How long is a voucher valid for?
Vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase as of recently.

Is the expiry date the book-by or stay-by date?
The expiry date is the book-by date. Therefore, the stay must be booked before the expiry date but the trip itself can take place anytime afterwards.

Can I use more than one gift card or voucher to make a booking?
Yes – you can put up to five gift cards/vouchers towards a single online booking. If you’d like to use more than five gift cards/vouchers towards a single booking, please speak to the Smith24 team by calling xxxxx xxxxxx.

What happens if the voucher is less than the amount of the booking?
If your voucher is less than the balance of the booking then the remaining amount must be prepaid at the time of booking. Please note that the cancellation policy remains the same so this will be refunded in full if you cancel before the policy comes into effect.

I have cancelled my booking while outside of the cancellation policy, what will happen to the voucher funds that were held towards that booking?
If you cancel your booking before the cancellation policy comes into effect then the funds will be refunded back onto your voucher and can be applied towards a future booking with Smith.

What if the stay is cheaper than the value of the voucher?
The remaining balance will remain on the voucher and can be put towards a future Smith bookin, to to a 2 year period.

Should I purchase an e-voucher or a regular gift card?
The e-vouchers are great if the recipient of your gift lives abroad or if you are purchasing a gift last-minute and don’t have time to wait for delivery. When buying an e-voucher the gift card will be emailed to you as a PDF (usually within an hour of purchase) and this can either be forwarded along to your recipient or printed out.

I want to buy an e-voucher but can’t see where to write my gift message.
E-vouchers do not permit gift messages. If you would like to personalise your gift then you can write a message to your email when you forward it along to your recipient or you can print your voucher and place it inside a card with a handwritten message.

I am purchasing a voucher online and it is asking me for information such as my name and email address, should I provide the information of the recipient of the gift?
No, the information provided should be your personal details as you will be purchasing the gift. Vouchers do not have a name on the gift card and simply contain a code that the recipient can quote over the phone or online when redeeming the funds.

Can vouchers be used to pay for incidentals when staying in a hotel?
No. Vouchers can only be used to pay for a room reservation at the time of booking with MMS, either on the website or over the phone with our Smith24 team. Vouchers cannot be redeemed while at the hotel and cannot go towards any extras such as meals or spa treatments.