Thrilling highs, Great Blue belows

Lighthouse Reef,

Thrilling highs, Great Blue belows

Part of the Atlantic’s largest living barrier reef, the Great Blue Hole lures scuba divers to hang with reef sharks and swim through stalactite-studded caves – but this aerial tour shows you its fascinating flipside…

The hole is indeed great at 300 metres across and 125 metres deep – and very, very blue. It’s usually the realm of veteran divers, but this alluring natural wonder is equally eye-catching from above (seen from the comfort of a private plane, of course). Plus, your local guide will share its secrets and point out the Caribbean’s most beautiful cayes and atolls.

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Your local guide will be from a team put together by an enterprising trio from the US, UK and Switzerland that has been running socially responsible and tailor-made experiences and tours in Central America since 2001. Fire away with the questions – your guide is guaranteed to have local, cultural and historical nous that’s second to none.

A hole in one: peer into the deep as you pass over the Great Blue Hole, then capture thriving coral reefs and twinkling cayes on camera

1 hour
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Tours run between the hours of 10:00 and 16:30
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Where you'll go
Once settled into your private chartered aircraft, you’ll soar over Belize’s beauty spots (and world-class dive sites). Your flight path follows the Atlantic’s largest living barrier reef, swooping over neon-hued cayes and atolls, coral-encrusted charmer St George’s, national treasure Half Moon Caye and marine reserve Turneffe Atoll… pausing for pictures. On reaching Lighthouse Reef Atoll, home to the Great Blue Hole, take a lingering look as you circle. On returning, you’ll spy Northern Two Caye, Rocky Point on North Ambergris Caye and Glover’s Reef.
What you'll learn
You’ll take a deep dive into the hole’s history: its origin story, how legendary diver Jacques Cousteau made it famous, expeditions to its deeper depths, which creatures live inside and why it gets more deadly the further down you go… And, you’ll get schooled in Belize’s biodiversity, conservation efforts and culture by flying over a booby-bird sanctuary (no tittering in the back), shipwrecks, herds of manatees and more.
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