Musing on Musée d’Orsay


Musing on Musée d’Orsay

The Musée d’Orsay is a trove of ‘I know that’ artworks and ‘I want that’ antiques encased in the City of Lights’ most luminous Beaux Arts building: get intimately acquainted on this bespoke tour.

A personalised experience that’ll make an impression(ist) on you. You certainly get a run for your Monet as a well-versed insider sidesteps crowds to show you works by the biggest names from 1800 onwards: Van Gogh, Cézanne, Delacroix… intricately weaving a story from the musée’s multitude of treasures.

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Marie Segura and Bertrand d’Aleman

Your insider

Marie Segura and Bertrand d’Aleman

Passionate Parisians

Experienced city guides Marie and Bertrand have hand-picked a team of gregarious guides who share their love of the City of Light. From Montmartre to the Marais, flea markets to fromage tasting, their historical and cultural tours of Paris and its environs are unmatched. And so is your guide’s knowledge – ask them about Napoleon’s favourite food or the number of trees in the gardens of Versailles – it’s almost impossible to stump these fonts of French wisdom.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you choose which superstar paintings, handsome sculptures and haute furnishings to explore.

2 hours and 30 minutes
Start Time
Tours run between the hours of 09:30 and 14:00
Call our travel specialists 24/7 on 1 800 464 2040 or contact us to find availability
Where you'll go
Originally a grand gare terminus, then film set and theatre: you’ll learn the broad strokes of this belle époque building’s past and gaze through its window-in-time clock. You won’t miss the Mona Lisa: this collection rivals the Louvre for megawatt art. Do you meet Whistler’s Mother? Admire Manet’s Olympia? Or swoon over Vincent van Gogh’s stars? Take your pick from priceless paintings and decorative objets. And, nose around after hours from 6pm on Thursdays.
What you'll see
You call the shots on this crowd-dodging tour; your insider will create an eye-catching itinerary from your whims. See the greatest hits: Monet’s ‘Water-Lilies’, Degas’ little dancer, Renoir’s dreamily lit soirées; take an elevated Antiques Roadshow through frou-frou furnishings and architectural flourishes; or go deep, delving into depictions of political and sexual revolution.
Experience location
You will be meeting by a significant statue near the museum entrance; we’ll send you the details in your confirmation.